Legion Divisions in Singapore, Burma and Malaysia (1900s)

Singapore Maritime Division (1907)

The Singapore Maritime Division was formed in 1907. The Admiralty has given the Legion of Frontiersmen full authority to organise a Naval Branch, and to generally equip and train men for sea service, either from a naval or mercantile point of view. Timeline of this unit were recorded in THE SINGAPORE FREE PRESS AND MERCANTILE ADVERTISER, Singapore Rice Trade, page 5, on 8 February 1907.

Burma Maritime Division (1907)

The Legion of Frontiersmen Burma Maritime Division was likely started in about 1907 as was the Singapore division mentioned above. Timeline of this unit were recorded in 1910 by Arnold Wright in his book, TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPRESSIONS OF BURMA, page 175, 1910.

Malaya Legionnaires (1938)

The Legion of Frontiersmen, decimated by the Great War, had slowly re-established to just over 3600 members, an increase of 400 members from the previous year of 1937. The LOF membership numbers effective May 1938 included 3 Malaya Legionnaires. A few Asian locations would establish units; however, the Legion of Frontiersmen had more success in Australia and New Zealand during the 1930s.

Legion’s Command Structure

According to legion rules set by the Headquarters in London, the smallest unit is the troop and consists of 12 to 24 men, a Non-Commissioned Officer (Troop Sergeant.) and a “Troop Leader” (Lieutenant). Four such troops (i.e. 64 men, 4 NCOs and 4 Lieutenants compose a Squadron, with a Sergeant Major and a “Squadron Commander” (Capt.). A Command is composed of 2 to 4 such Squadrons under a “Commandant” with an Adjutant and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) to assist him. If a Command has over 200 active legionnaires mounted, or over 400 infantry legionnaires, the Officer-in-charge (OC) ranks as Chief Commandant (Lieutenant Colonel), but otherwise as a Sub-Commandant. (Major).” Post - 2000s, the Far East Command is commanded by a Commander holding the legion rank of Colonel of the Regiment with region commandants with the same rank. The average force size in each region is approximately 100 frontiersmen and their main activities are tactical and medical training, and may be mobilised for humanitarian assistance disaster relief support.

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The Legion of Frontiersmen (Far East Command) is registered in Singapore and gazette notification effecting the registration was published in the Government Gazette vide Notification Number 574 under the registration T18SS0035B.