Far East Command

The Independent Overseas Command is registered in London 89/923: No 34423 & B9/1292/38112. The Independent Overseas Command is a member of the United Nations Association. The Independent Overseas Command is accredited by the Federation Des Combatants Allis En Europe. All badges and insignias of the Command are registered at Stationers Hall, London and are copyright in the United States of America. Public Records Office – London – United Kingdom has the following: Charter of Incorporation WO:32 10427/1922. The Legion of Frontiersmen (Far East Command) is registered in Singapore and gazette notification effecting the registration was published in the Government Gazette vide Notification Number 574 under the registration T18SS0035B.

16 Sep 2018

Legion of Frontiersmen J Troop in Western Bay, Plenty District, New Zealand Command

Legion of Frontiersmen, 6 Para Regiment, Europe Command

16 Sep 2018

London. 'The Legion of Frontiersmen' - heroes who have seen service in n every part of our Empire, receive new Colour from Sir P. Wilkinson." London. Sir P Wilkinson makes a short speech about loyalty to King and Country before handing over flag to representatives of t...

The Legion of Frontiersmen Far East Command covers the same geographic jurisdiction pre and post-world war and is bounded by China in the north, west and East Asia and Indonesia in the south. The Far East Command comprises airborne and rescue regiments with frontiersme...

While most military services exist today with a smaller regular force size, they continue to maintain a highly operational ready reserved force (or reservists). Almost all do not adopted a volunteer structure.  The contemplation of a full scale conflict between countri...

 Frontiersmen 1914

Lest we forget, the Legion of Frontiersmen was formed in 1904 as a volunteer force to act on behalf of the Crown, particularly along the frontiers of the British Empire. In many cases the frontiersmen were the only ready force available in distant reg...

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