Legion Divisions in Singapore, Burma and Malaysia (1900s)

Singapore Maritime Division (1907) The Singapore Maritime Division was formed in 1907. The Admiralty has given the Legion of Frontiersmen full authority to organise a Naval Branch, and to generally equip and train men for sea service, either from a naval or mercantile point of view. Timeline of this unit were recorded in THE SINGAPORE FREE PRESS AND MERCANTILE ADVERTISER, Singapore Rice Trade, page 5, on 8 February 1907. Burma Maritime Division (1907) The Legion of Frontiersmen Burma Maritime Division was likely started in about 1907 as was the Singapore division mentioned above. Timeline of this unit were recorded in 1910 by Arnold Wright in his book, TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPRESSIONS OF BURMA

Legion of Frontiersmen in Asia

General Charles Gordon Legion of Frontiersmen in China (1800s) Little historical records of the Legion of Frontiersmen were found in Asia in the 1800s. The only traceable record was a General Charles Gordon whose connection to the Legion is well known during the Taiping Rebellion (1850 - 1864). Charles Gordan was a Captain in the British Army and volunteered to serve in China. Charles gained the title "Chinese" Gordon for several victorious battles against a larger enemy size force. In March 1863 Charles took command of the force at Songjiang, which had received the name of "Ever Victorious Army." This Taiping Rebellion was recorded as the largest battle in China since the Qing conquest

Formation of China Seas Command (1900s)

The founding of the Legion of Frontiersmen in Asia was organised by a Captain Walter Kirton in Shanghai in 1904. A "China Seas Command" was established in 1907. Although not much is recorded about these first years, one of the most well-known stories about the Legion in China at this time would seem to be that of a Frontiersmen named Charles Mason. It is reported that he was employed by the Imperial Customs and stationed at Yang-Tse where he obtained much information which he sent through Legion channels to England. Eventually he became involved with a group called "The Triad" (a political party whom had been established in the 1850's), their objective was to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty. Ma



The Legion of Frontiersmen (Far East Command) is registered in Singapore and gazette notification effecting the registration was published in the Government Gazette vide Notification Number 574 under the registration T18SS0035B.